It is my birthday today and the only thing I had on my agenda was a run.  I had a goal of 18 but a secret plan of 20.  I planned on hopping on the treadmill after the boys got off to school—-I know, I know–the treadmill–am I crazy.  Well, I can honestly say I am falling in love with running on the TM especially for longer runs where I run slower.  Having a climate controlled room, access to bathroom and plenty of water and being able to watch netflix/amazon prime/or chill out to itunes is really nice for the longer runs.

My outside running pace for long runs is typically a comfortable 10:30 on the treadmill I have been doing long runs at 11:30 but today due to the extra mileage and since I was not planning on any walk breaks or bathroom breaks longer than 60 secs, I went with a 12:00 pace.  Hoping the slow pace would ensure that I would finish strong and would not feel like total crap afterwards.

I also rented Dark Shadows from Amazon Prime–I love Johnny Depp, vampires, creepy old mansions and Tim Burton–so I knew I could not go wrong.  I watched the movie, than ran to music, and ended with Fringe (my new favorite series; I am almost done with series 1 on Netflix).

20 Done

Then I cooled down with a mile walk to bring the total to 21 (half my age).

I feel so great right now–I am tired but not exhausted and not really sore.  Now this can all change a couple of hours from now.

My new favorite running song, We Come Running, Youngblood Hawk


I ran with Nikki today–YAY!  We had not run with each other in a while and we picked up right where we left off.  The conversation just flowed for 2 hours.  I love running and chit-chatting; it makes those miles so much easier.  It was nice catching up with Nikki.  Nikki had run 3 before I got there and we ran 10.3 together at a nice easy pace.  Our goals for marathon training are 15 next week and 18 (20) by the end of October.

I ended up with 10 (my minimum goal was 10–my maximum goal today was 15.  Is it weird to have goals like that?  10 just felt DONE to me today) and I was happy with that.

Avg Pace
Summary 1:48:37.3 10.31 10:32
1 10:39.7 1.00 10:40
2 10:20.1 1.00 10:20
3 10:29.4 1.00 10:29
4 10:24.4 1.00 10:24
5 10:18.3 1.00 10:18
6 10:29.5 1.00 10:29
7 10:28.1 1.00 10:28
8 10:40.5 1.00 10:41
9 11:04.9 1.00 11:05
10 10:41.2 1.00 10:41
11 3:01.1 0.31 9:52

It is official–I have been vegan for over 3 months now. This is a HUGE accomplishment for me. I had been a vegetarian who ate LOTS of eggs and cheese (and an occasional fish) for almost 13 years and although I did not consume milk (choosing almond or soy instead) during that time, pizza and nachos were my weakness. I have been struggling to lose 8-10 pounds (now 15-20) for the last 4 years and coupled with my runner’s colitis I had a feeling that dairy consumption was the main culprit.

So despite my obsession with pizza, our go-to Friday/Movie night meal, I bit the bullet and went vegan. I have always believed that a vegan diet was the healthiest but I thought that being vegetarian was a big enough “compromise” and that I was still leaps and bounds ahead of the game. Eggs were often my main meal-eating 6 at at a time and limiting my carbs to help get down to a “fighting weight.”

Surprisingly making the change to vegan was not that hard. Certainly not as hard as I anticipated. I limit my use of vegan “cheat” meals such as faux meat/soy products and vegan cheese. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Happy Herbivore cookbooks (if you are interested in being vegan buy both books now and the new one on the way–you won’t regret it) and have found the cheese-less meals like the grilled cheese and mac n cheese have helped make the transition easy. I do use Daiya cheese–vegan and it tastes GREAT. Daiya Cheddar is especially useful when I have my nacho cravings which is my weakness now, but I am working on that.

I expected some adjustments when making this big diet change. Here is what I noticed so far in a Pro/Con format:

So much easier than expected
Feel great
Tons of energy
My running has not been hampered
Runner’s colitis is definitely improved (still present but keeps getting better)
I LOVE cooking (believe me that is a HUGE change)
Kids like trying all the new dishes I make
Home cooking almost 98% of time
I LOVE eating

I LOVE eating (I have gained weight–see below)
Lots of kitchen cleanup (I have never used my pots, pans and other equipment so much. I bought a griddle to make banana pancakes and a rice cooker, both of which I use frequently. I can’t believe I never cooked rice until now [never came out right]. I have a panini maker on the way and I can’t wait to try it out)
Eating out can be a challenge–even ordering a salad with balsamic vinegar can have me questioning if they mixed the balsalmic with a milk based item due to its creamy appearance. I have had waiters swear the cook prepared the meal vegan only to realize after tasting the dish that all the vegetables were cooked in butter—GRRR. It should not be so difficult and I hate being “that girl” customer that has “special” diet needs = pain in the ***. Some places have been surprisingly great. For example, our local pizza place, of which we were weekly customers wondered where we had been. When the owner learned I was now vegan, he could not wait to let me know all the dishes he could prepare–healthy with little to no oil. He told me he had another weekly vegan customer and was excited about the fact that we were vegan. That was a shocker and I could not have been more pleased.

I have been having fun experimenting with different foods, but I have always been a sucker for spicy ethnic food so my spice cabinet is exploding.
I served veggies in a Jalfrezi sauce over quinoa (my new favorite staple) yesterday. This works well will any Thai or Indian curry sauce. Big hit with the entire family; they did not even notice the entire jalapeño–or perhaps they are getting used to my jalapeño obsession.

Veggies in simmer sauce

Here was the simmer sauce I used; although, I am getting better at making homemade versions:

I am disappointed in the weight gain. I am eating more but the foods are healthy. I am not afraid of carbs and have introduced whole grains and potatoes back into my diet (thank you Dr. McDoughall) but complex carbs were never really my weakness. I was hoping just the change to vegan would give me the the 10 pound weight loss I was craving–not gain weight. I have a feeling a lot of the weight around the middle is water retention and bloating. I still have hopes it is my body adjusting to this new way of eating. I am in denial about the portions for right now 🙂

I even found a satisfying substitution for pizza:

Zucchini, onion diced, mushrooms, red peppers over marinara on a whole grain thin crust flatbread

Now that I am over the hurdle of making the “change”, I will pay more attention to portions and see if I can turn this weight thing around.

Group run this Saturday, September 29th at 7:30.  Nikki and I are meeting at Thompson Park, parking lot near playground at 7:30 (Nikki may actually try to get there at 7 am to get 3 additional miles in).  Come join us.  We run a “chatting” pace and don’t mind going slow; this is our long run, but don’t worry about distance–whether you want 1 mile or 10 miles–we will get you back to your car when you want.

It may be raining and although we don’t mind drizzle if the rain is heavy or the weather too foul, we will have to cancel the run.  Any changes will be posted on the Racy Runners Facebook Fanpage here, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Racy-Runners/200952509938776

Beauty and the Beach 2012

Guess who is featured on this year’s Beauty and the Beach 2012 poster?  You guessed it–me and Nikki:


We are in the upper right corner (she has black jacket and I have gray one).  At first I thought this photo was taken at the end of the race.  I had been trying to catch up with Nikki since mile 4 and I really wanted to finish with her.  At the end I snuck up on her; however, after further examination, I realized this cannot be from the end of the race—why?  because I look way to happy and I do not have my cherry-red tomato face yet 🙂

This will be the 4th year we are running this race–it is a local favorite and I can’t wait to run with all the ladies (P.S. this is 2 weeks before our first marathon–more on how training is going later).

This was a tough one

This was a tough one–who am I kidding, lately they have all been tough. I had 10 on the agenda and planned a route near my house today:
1) I wanted to be near a bathroom
2) I wanted to test out the immodium to see if it curtailed any tummy troubles (see # 1)
3) I wanted to see how I did with a long run outside since all my long runs have been on the TM the last few months
4) I wanted to see if I could do a long run after a long weekend of wedding activities (my bother got married this weekend)

I got 6 miles into the run (just at the point where I was leaving the safety of the neighborhood) when I was hit with an overwhelming need for water. I thought about muscling through the last 4 but when you start looking for water bottles on the side of the road that may have some liquid still in them, you know you are in trouble. I was hoping someone I knew would drive by so I could get a drink…but alas that did not happen, so I turned around and headed the shorter route home.

I immediately downed 32 ox of water with nuun and believe it or not I was still thirsty. I sat for a few minutes and headed back out to finish off this bad boy, but my legs were spent and I was dragging. I ran into a neighbor who was far too speedy for me –we ran for just a few minutes together and then she was off–I kept stopping to walk and probably walked about .5 mile (the walk breaks were not “on the clock”). So this is not a continuous long run (even by my standards) but at least I got the mileage in.

Summary 1:42:43.5 10.00 10:16
1 10:29.4 1.00 10:29
2 10:22.5 1.00 10:22
3 10:39.6 1.00 10:40
4 10:35.1 1.00 10:35
5 10:15.4 1.00 10:15
6 9:58.2 1.00 9:58
7 10:18.0 1.00 10:18
8 10:05.7 1.00 10:06
9 10:00.8 1.00 10:01
10 9:58.9 1.00 9:59

Does this count as 10

I had 10 miles on the agenda today but life got in the way–as usual (said with a smile). I knew that with appointments and errands that I did not have the time for 10 but if I broke it up…..

So here is how the magic happened:
2 before kids got on bus
2 after kids got on bus
2.4 outside
3.6 after lunch (before kids got off the bus)

—-Not exactly how I wanted it to go, but 10 DONE!