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I Keep Running

Last week I got 41 miles in and I am already at 27 for this week–not too shabby. I have stuck with slow continuous runs on the TM, even though I love the run/walk I really want to do my best and prepare well for a full marathon run. I am not opposed to walking but I want to train for the run.

My goal was a continuous 15 by end of August and I did a 15 mile on the TM last week (continuous except for the TONS of bathroom breaks). I am going to run another 15 this weekend.

My next big goal is 20 by the end of September…..Yes, I did a run/walk of 20 but continuous run is much harder so I am worried and excited at the same time

I am going to have to start experimenting with imodium because the bathroom breaks are ridiculous and I can’t even imagine what I will do on race day.


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I just returned from a 3 day trip to Lake George for my soon-to-be sister in law’s bachelorette party. We had a great time–too good and I am paying the price. I AM OLD! I did get to dance and I love to dance; however, even though I feel 21 I look 41….Needless to say 5 hours of sleep, too much to drink and 4.5 hours driving in the care is the reason why I am sitting here in my PJs and not even thinking about lacing up my sneakers.

I did manage to sneak 10 miles in on Saturday and I was so happy to do so. I got up early Sat am and headed out at 8 am hangover and all. I decided to head out of town and follow the road along the lake (away from town). Originally I thought I would run 5 or 6 but I felt so great. This was my first run outside in a very long time. It was cool with a nice breeze and NO HUMIDITY!!! It was a beautiful day and I felt amazing by mile 3 when—I think I got rid of the toxins from the night before by then.

I knew by mile 2 I was going to run 10. The run was continuous hills but they were evenly disbursed (meaning you ran up one and down the next). I was lucky that a man at a local motel was nice enough to let me use the bathroom and get some water at mile 5. I felt like a million bucks by the time I got back to the hotel. Unfortunately, the 10 miles does not erase the damage I did later that night….Oh well–back to the grind tomorrow (hopefully).

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Trying to Find the Time

I am heading out of town this morning for a bachelorette weekend; my brother is getting married in Sept. We all love our soon to be sister-in-law and I am happy to be included in the festivities. Ray is away with the boys for their big weekend and I am heading out with the girls. I woke up early this am to finish packing (I have a severe overpacking issue) but I am feeling old and tired today–huge bags under my eyes. I am trying to rehydrate now with some lemon water (but let’s face it—unless this water is magical, i am in trouble). I am not sure I am prepared for a bachelorette weekend. Do you think we will eat by 5-6 pm have two drinks and pass out in bed at 9-10 pm? If not, then I am in trouble.

More importantly how do I sneak a long run in? I have only run 2 times this week–I have only exercised 2 times this week–that is unheard of for me.

This week was filled with too many agenda like stuff. There is just a couple weeks of summer left and my days are filing up—and not with beach time. The soccer season has not even started and I spent the majority of my time driving each boy to and from soccer or sitting in the car waiting for the soccer activity to start or finish. Next week is even worse. Conor has soccer every morning from 8-12 for the High School and then Finn has soccer at 4 pm and I don’t know what Ronan’s schedule is yet–now throw in work commitments and you can see were there are not enough hours in the day —this is torturous for the parent that wants to sit and enjoy the last few days of summer with her family. I decided to take these last 2 weeks off of work for a stay-cation but I did not do it to make driving the boys to and from sports activities easier and I still have stuff to do for work and support group—-insert BIG SIGH and woes me.

Sorry for being such a downer first thing in the morning–I am getting it all out of my system.so I can relax and have a good time with the ladies. If i get a run in—great—if not, it is not the end of the world. I am off to add another dress to my already over stuffed suitcase.

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Lost Running Mojo

A friend sent me a message on Facebook about how running is hard and not really feeling fun right now. She was looking for suggestions from me. This was my response:

I lose my running mojo all the time. In fact right now with the humid weather I have been only running inside on the TM–I know, “Gassssp.” My heart has not been in the runs and they feel like chores, but I have been here before and I know that it will turn around. Whether it is a new running skirt or gear, a good run with a friend or in my case when the humidity finally breaks–it will happen and I will feel strong and start to enjoy the runs again. Just because the runs are hard–don’t let that prevent you from lacing up your shoes:) Casi

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I Admit Defeat

I admit defeat to the heat and humidity. It has sapped my strength and motivation. I have read articles, books, blog posts and listened to advice from friends but I am not acclimating to the hot weather. In fact, I am breaking down even more. I have no energy–no desire to run–when I go out I am spent after a mile or two—where are the 10 miles that felt so easy not that long ago. Despite fueling techniques and timing of my runs (no, I am not running at 4 am–7am is early for me:) the humidity is there waiting for me. My tummy troubles which I though I could control with my diet are back in full force (Runners Colitis)–I can’t help but think this can’t be good for me. I am packing on the pounds despite the healthiest diet choices and lots of exercise. I am defeated. I want to train well for the marathon but that is not enough to motivate me to run in the heat.

The Treadmill (TM) is my new best friend. I have been running on the TM using the run/walk technique and intervals. It is not pretty but I am getting the job done. My love for running outside is on hiatus.

The biggest tragedy (well, maybe not a tragedy) is that my partner although disliking the heat as much as I do, is flourishing on her runs and I can’t keep up. Thankfully, Nikki is an understanding good friend and is willing to put our long runs together on hold until the humidity here in the NE lessens–she really is a good friend. We will post some group runs come September or if the weather changes.

I will keep trucking away on the TM longing for that cool fall weather and dare I say it–snowy day runs.

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