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Running Update

I have been experimenting with the run/walk for the last couple of weeks and I must say –I am hooked.  So much so that I am petrified to run with Nikki this Saturday for our long run:)  Nikki, you will have to go easy on me.  I can stay of my feet for 4 hours (did 20 on the TM with run/walk last week) but I am not sure how I will do running a continuous 15 (our goal this week).  I imagine that it will not be pretty.

I have been doing run/walks with 3:2 intervals (typically walking 3 minutes and running 2 for a 11:30-11:40 pace).  Today I ran 3 min and walked 2–it was harder and my pace was 11:15–not much of a difference for a lot more effort….I know serious runners frown upon run/walk (OK, maybe not serious runners but running snobs) but if I run long at a 10:40 pace and feel awful but can do longer distances and feel great (less risk of injury) at 11:40 pace….

I did 10 miles on Monday with a run/walk and then went to family spin with the boys immediately after and I felt great–no soreness, not too tired–just the endorphin rush of a good exercise.

I knew I would be doing both—some long runs walk/run and some slow long continuous runs–with my marathon training (I am running my first marathon, the Philadelphia Marathon, in Nov).  I wanted to incorporate both into my plan.  I thought that mixing it up but having more walk/runs in my plan would help me prepare and most importantly avoid the risk of injury.  This Saturday will be my first long continuous run in a while and my first run outside in weeks (I have been sticking to the TM–68 degree room, plenty of water, and close to bathroom–I have never loved my TM more)–wish me luck-I will need it!



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Nikki and I are meeting this Saturday, July 14th at 7:30 am–Thompson Park (parking lot near the playground).  Come and join us for a run.  It does not matter how far you want to go–we will get you back to your car in time.  We keep a nice chatting pace–perfect for long runs.  If there is a thunderstorm (we run in rain but I see a thundercloud icon on my weather app for that day) and we have to cancel we will post here or on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Racy-Runners/200952509938776

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So–I am still experimenting with the run:walk and today I wanted to shoot for 20 miles–I know, a high expectation since I only just ran 15 my longest distance over a 1/2 marathon a week ago, but I wanted to see if it was possible with the run:walk.  Guess what—IT IS–20 MILES DONE!

We are beach bums but hate crowds so we tend to avoid the beach on weekends and holidays.  Since the 4th fell on a Wednesday this year, smack in the middle of the week, and we planned on staying home and swimming in the pool, I thought it would be a perfect day to set aside 4 hours for a run:walk.  I hopped on the treadmill at 8:30 and I stuck with a 4.7 walk for 3 minutes followed by a 2 minute run at 5.8 for the whole time.  I ended up with:

An overall pace of 11:39–not too shabby for 20 MILES–Yes, the big 20!  I will admit that although this was a run:walk the last hour was HARD and surprisingly it was the walk part that was the hardest.  The best part (well the second to best part, since the best part was that I “did it”) was that I was able to focus on my form and I felt like my running was great!  If anyone every told me that I would spend 4 hours on a TM and love it …well, you get the picture.  Who knew?  I have always hated running on the TM (love that I have it for times when I need to sneak a run in and there is inclement weather)–I have always preferred running outside, but with the weather hot and humid it has been a blessing.  Doing a run:walk on the TM is easy and running the numbers through my head the whole run helps to pass the time.

Today’s song, Everybody Talks, Neon Trees (love this song):

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