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Group Run

One CRAZY week for me–you know when it rains…

I am really looking forward to a run on Friday. Come join Nikki and I Friday morning at 7:30 am at Thompson Park (near the playground). Come get a nice run in so you can enjoy your weekend:)


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I can’t meet Nikki for a run this weekend–I am grounded. I have a big recertification test for work on Monday and the time to sit down and study this week has not materialized–so I am going to have to miss the run. I am still hoping to sneak a run break in during my cram session, but I will definitely miss running with Nikki 😦

Hope you all have a great run this weekend.

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I know November with its cold temps and windy breezes seems soooooo far away, but it will be upon us sooner than we think. Please consider signing up and making the commitment to participate in the annual Beauty and the Beach run on November 3rd. This event is always SUPER fun and a great way to get out with the ladies. It is a 5 mile run (or walk event) and the shirts are always nice.

The more the merrier with this event so please feel free to invite friends or pass the information along to whomever would be interested. We have always gotten a nice group together every year and I am hoping this year is no different.

You can register here, http://www.beautyandthebeachrun.com/ (click on link for register).

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Nikki and I ran 10 this am. It was gorgeous–low 70s with a slight breeze.

Nikki–around mile 4–you can just tell by the photo how beautiful it was this morning.

Now, don’t get me wrong, we still were sweaty beasts dying of thirst–but so much better than it has been. This run was a challenge for me and I realize it was one of the only continuous runs I have done in weeks–I have been doing lots of run/walks on the TM–so of course, this was going to be a little bit challenging–DUHH.

Along with numerous other topics, we talked briefly about our training–we have not been following any formal schedule and I must admit, I kinda like that (I am typical type A personality, so not following a plan is a big change for me). I mentioned that I wanted to make 10 my new basic run (make 10 my 5–like we did when training for the 1/2 marathon). Sure, 10 feels hard, but they fact that we can wake up and just decide to do 10 is awesome and shows how far we have come. My ideal training for the marathon is incorporating a weekly long run and longer walk/runs together. I have written down 2 training plans already in preparation, but I think I want to combine and amend them to a more flexible plan that has “a little bit of everything” in it. I would really love to do a walk/run of 30 miles before the race….well, at least 26.2 and long continuous runs up to at least 18 miles (if not 23 or more)–wow, that is scary to just write down. I want to enjoy the training and AVOID injury.

View Splits



Avg Pace
Summary 1:45:00.3 9.97 10:32
1 10:13.3 1.00 10:13
2 10:04.7 1.00 10:05
3 10:16.0 1.00 10:16
4 10:00.6 1.00 10:01
5 10:57.2 1.00 10:57
6 10:46.9 1.00 10:47
7 10:23.6 1.00 10:24
8 10:07.5 1.00 10:08
9 11:00.8 1.00 11:01
10 11:09.7 0.97 11:30

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Come run with Nikki and I this Saturday, July 21st at 7am–Thompson Park (parking lot near the playground). Don’t worry about the pace or distance–we will run a slow chatting pace and get you back to your car whenever you want. You can get your run out of the way before your family even gets out of bed 🙂

I am not the best at getting up early to run (who am I kidding, I probably would not hit the road until at least 9 or 10) but we need to try to beat the heat–although, there is no way I am eating breakfast…..should be interesting.

Today’s breakfast of champions, rolled oats (gluten free) with almond milk, bananas and fresh blueberries (eaten after spin, of course–cause I would have had to get up earlier if I wanted to eat before hand):

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I will admit, I am not much of a cook. I am quick to make a smoothie-it is easy, fast, and fulfilling, but when I do cook I am usually happy with the results. Tonight I wanted something easy but GOOD. Here is my version of Vegetable Vindaloo:

I cut up whatever vegetables I had in the fridge–cauliflower, carrots, onions, broccoli, red pepper, and zucchini—mixed with a vindaloo sauce from Delicious Orchards (remember, I am not the best cook–did you really think I made the sauce:) added garbanzo beans and served over quinoa. I love spicy flavorful food and this did not let me down.

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Run/Walk with Nikki

Meet Nikki this am for a run.  We had 15 on the agenda and we have never done a walk/run together so we decided to give it a try.  Our first Marathon is in Nov (Philadelphia Marathon) so we have plenty of time.  Either way spending 3 hours on your feet is good preparation.  I must admit this felt HARDER then my attempts of run/walking on the TM.  I am blaming it on the humidity; although, we lucked out with the weather (compared to what we have had).  It was in the low 80s with a slight breeze and overcast, but the humidity was HIGH.

Our goal was about a 11:40 pace and guess what—our overall pace was 11:44.

Avg Pace
Summary 2:56:09.9 15.01 11:44
1 11:04.2 1.00 11:04
2 11:49.5 1.00 11:50
3 11:29.3 1.00 11:29
4 11:55.3 1.00 11:55
5 11:58.4 1.00 11:58
6 11:13.4 1.00 11:13
7 11:45.1 1.00 11:45
8 12:15.7 1.00 12:16
9 11:51.0 1.00 11:51
10 12:09.8 1.00 12:10
11 11:26.1 1.00 11:26
12 11:34.2 1.00 11:34
13 11:40.0 1.00 11:40
14 12:05.1 1.00 12:05
15 11:46.8 1.00 11:47

I felt like our walk pieces were slower than the 4.7 I keep on the TM so we did pick it up when we ran–on average I would say our run was 9:20 and walk was 13:30.  I was really hoping that my attempt at doing the run/walk outside would yield a faster pace since I always am slower on the TM….we will have to play around with ratios and of course work on a slower pace for long continuous runs.

We did spot a little fawn along our run, thanks to Nikki and her excellent eye sight:

Can you spot the deer?

I did realize that I have to be careful with my fluids and hydration when running long in the heat and humidity.  Normally N and I are no more than a few miles (2-3) from a water source, but today the stops we took were not enough for me.  At mile 10 I slipped into the rest room and …..OK, be prepared for TMI—-the small amount of urine was dark orange in color–a major sign of dehydration and a huge surprise.  I would have never thought I was that dehydrated.  At our next stop I drank the rest of my water with Nuun and filled up my Nathan hand held to carry with me, but in hindsight that was too late.  I was tired and in need of nutrition after the run–but I feel good.  Sure my legs are a little tight–but no pain and I do not feel exhausted (you know–feeling like you need a nap after a run).

My post run smoothie really helped:

2 handfuls spinach

2 frozen bananas

1 cup frozen strawberries

1/2 cup almond milk

Rice Protein Powder

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