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Nikki and I ran 7 miles yesterday–I know that is nothing new, but we ran them faster than normal.  Normally our long runs are slow paced 10:30-11:30 min/mile so we can chat.  We know that we are supposed to run the long ones slower (a minute or two slower than our race pace), but we never really have to watch ourselves because we usually fall into the comfortable pace of 10:30-11:30, but yesterday was different.  I don’t know if it is because we had decided to run 7 (a little shorter than what we have normally been running on the weekends).  Nikki has the New Jersey 1/2 Marathon next weekend, so I was not sure how far she wanted to go (since she also ran the Asbury Park 1/2 last weekend and kicked ***–PR).  I noticed we were chatting away but we were running faster than normal–instead of slowing down we keep the faster steady pace.  For us this was a great accomplishment.  We felt so good.  Our last mile was the fastest–GO US!

Nikki, good luck next week–you are going to do great and I will be cheering you and all the other mother runners we know on, especially Caroline who is making her 1/2 marathon debut–Good Luck and Have FUN!

Splits Summary:









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Peanut Butter Ice Cream


3 frozen bananas
Almond milk–about 1/2 cup
Peanut butter–about 2/3 cup
Stevia–2 packs
Mix in vitamix—best ice cream yet!

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So is it normal to be in love with an appliance?  We finally (yes, finally–since I was coveting this item for a long time) broke down and got the Vitamix blender.  This is after I burned through several other supposedly good blenders with my green smoothie fascination.  I have been using the Vitamix at least 2-3 times every day and I already can’t imagine living without it.

I have been making so many different things and I thought this would be a good place to keep track of them; although, I never make anything exactly the same way —I don’t measure my ingredients.

This is my “go-to” green smoothie–makes enough for 2 people.  Conor my oldest has the ASK tests this week (standardized testing here in NJ) so I have been sending him off with a green smoothie everyday.

Breakfast Smoothie:

2 bananas
1 apple
2 big heaping handfuls of spinach
2 large celery stalks
1 tablespoon of maca
protein powder

I made a soup for lunch today.  It is overcast and cold–perfect soup weather.  Although I could have prepared the entire meal in the vitmamix, I wanted to simmer the soup on the stove.  I love the smell of a good vegetable soup permeating throughout the house.  I also used the food processor to chop the garlic and onion.

Lunch–Hot and Spicy tomato Soup:

Food processor–add garlic (2 cloves), onion (whatever amount you want), jalapeño pepper (I used 1/2 since it was a large pepper), red/green/yellow peppers (as much as you want)–chop then simmer in frying pan

In Vitamix add–tomatoes, carrots, vegetable broth–blend until smooth and then put the mixture into a pot to simmer

add the simmering chopped items into the pot and add ground pepper and fresh basil—-can you smell it?

Afternoon snack–Banana Chocolate Smoothie:

One large banana

Almond milk (I used unsweetened)

add prunes (or stevia)

2 teaspoons of cacao powder


I will try to remember to take pictures, but I am not promising anything.  I also broke down and ordered the 32 oz container with a dry blade–I am telling you, I am obsessed with this device.


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Every Wednesday I moderate the Bosom Buddies Breastfeeding Support Group (I have been moderating this group for 5 years now); it is my community service–I love to support new moms on their breastfeeding journey.  We have a lot of fun–breastfeeding brings us together–but any topics are fair game.  Since I have group every Wednesday, I don’t schedule work appointments (not enough time to see moms before of after) and I can’t get to the gym–so I usually try to run before group, but I always have to keep it to a shorter run so I can get home shower and head over the group (our town donates space for our group in the community meeting room of the local library so it is not too far away from my house).

I rode my bike to and from group a few weeks ago and wondered–what took me so long–it was so easy.  Well, last night I was thinking about how much I wanted a longer run today and I decided to run to and from group.  It is only 3 miles from my house to the library—totally doable!

I headed out with time to spare thinking I would just run the 1.3 mile loop around the library if I was early.  I got there with time to run one loop–4 miles total before group–Yeah!  It was a perfect day for a run.

I thought I would see how I feel after group–I could either run a long way home or back the 3 miles. I ended up heading back the way I came–I was starving.  Total 7.05 miles–overall pace 9:59 (under 10–I’ll take it:).  I really love the town where I live and I am so grateful for safe beautiful roads and paths to run on.

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Come join Nikki and I this Saturday, April 28th 8am at Thompson Park (parking lot) near the playground for a run.  We would love for you to join us.  Nikki just kicked some *** at the Asbury Park 1/2 and will be running the Long Branch 1/2 in 2 weeks–Yes, she is that hard core!  Come out and let’s help her prepare.

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The Asbury Park 1/2 Marathon was this morning.  It was my third 1/2 and Conor’s second.  Last year Conor and I ran together and it was a tough one–we finished in about 2:40–had a few walk breaks and a 10 minute potty break.  Our goal this year was to finish strong and to beat last years time (my first half was 2:20 and I wanted to beat that–2:10 would have been nice).  We have been training all winter and after 3 years of running, I have to say winter is my best training time.  Heat and humidity are my kryptonite.  So I had been watching the weather reports all week, especially after Monday’s Boston Marathon. I was worried–60 degrees would have been the tops for me–so originally when they were predicting 70s and rain, I was actually OK with that, thinking the rain would cool us off.

As long as it was not too hot and we did not have the Nor’Easter weather we did last year, I thought I would be go to go.  We knew we were going to carb load with Pete n’ Elda’s pizza, for those of you not familiar with the Jersey Shore–this is clearly the best thin crust pizza in the state!  I ate far too much and washed it down with some good Pinot Noir–not one of my brightest ideas.  When I asked Ray if I should drink the wine (knowing I shouldn’t but hoping he would say “Of course, didn’t you know all the big marathon runners down a bottle prior to racing–that is why they are so fast”)–

His actual reply: “Well, I did hear you should not do anything different before a race.”

Me: “But I normally have a glass at night.”

Him: “Exactly”

Now if only I had stuck to that glass.  What was I thinking–a wee bit hungover this morning.  I did manage to make Conor and I a pre-race smoothie with bananas, apples, spinach, water, celery, protein powder, and maca–must have worked wonders because although I was sure I would **** in my pants, I did not.  I actually felt OK once I began burning off all the crap.

It was so nice to see 5 Bosom Buddies–yes, 5!  All running their first 1/2 marathon.  I have had the pleasure of running with all of them at least once–but we did not get to train together–NEXT TIME!

Here are some of us pre-race–forgive the quality.  I had the camera all charged and ready to go–it remained on the kitchen table.  Ronan used my iPhone and Finn took tons on his DS (I am sure they came out great…note the sarcasm):

Pre-Race--all smiles

So glad V found us:) I would have gladly stayed in the bathroom line the entire time.

Ronan was my photographer--subsequently, I have no photos of him 😦

Conor, Finn and I--Ro is behind the camera.

Conor and I had made a plans to run together and for the first 1/2 of the race that is exactly what we did..

but then……he wanted to go.  He could not contain himself and I was holding him back–off he went.

and there he goes....

The mist burned off and the wind that I was cursing in the first have of the race from the South, although at my back, was not propelling me like I hoped.

I got hotter and hotter

Stopping for some water--the water stations were too far apart--I guzzled 1/2 this bottle.

and I kept running–chasing Conor

He remained in front and ended up finishing about 10 minutes before I did at 2:10—GO CONOR–PR!–I finished at 2:17:34 according to my garmin (PR but not the 2:10 I secretly hoped for–next time).

Although we did not finish together, he waited for me and ran me in (God, I love him!)

i did get to see some of the ladies along the way–Nikki past by in the early miles–she was booking and looking FIERCE–she finished strong and I believe she PR’d—is that true, Nikki.  So proud of her.  The 5 first timers all did great.  I did not get to see C and V after the race, but we did manage to get a nice group shot of those who were still there.

I can’t wait for next year, ladies!

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I usually love a great work out–the sweatier the better, but the last two days I have just felt “off”.  I went to the gym yesterday morning.  I usually run 2-3 on TM depending on how much time I have before spin.  I ran two and felt OK and got to spin class right on time.  Now although I am a runner–I LOVE spin–I mean LOVE it.  The cardiac release gives me a natural high all day.  5 minutes into class I knew I was going to go.  I was tired, I could NOT stop thinking about all the work I had to do and 30 minutes in, I called it a day.  It did not help that my left calf was aching.  I have never left class early–but I really needed a break, I guess.

Today I strength trained like I normally do on Tuesday and Thursday but I still felt “off”–I attempt a run after lunch today–I was DRAGGING.  I felt soooooo slow, but I muscled through the 4 miles.  My overall pace was 10:31 but I would have sworn I was walking.

It was so nice out–hot–but there was a nice cool breeze.  It is just one of those days were everything is bright and shiny. Here is a picture of the beautiful pattern in the sky:

and here is my post run smoothie–banana, strawberry, protein powder and maca

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