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My Fat Cells Were Crying

I have been desperately trying to lose 10-15 pounds this past 2 years; however, despite the fact that I am a health food nut and a cardio junkie my weight has not budged (if anything I gained a few pounds).  I have written about this before here.  I had to try something new.

I have NEVER been a calorie counter.  I kept an eye on portions and made healthy choices and I did not want to go the calorie counting route—but I have been at this for 2 years with no changes so….calorie counting I am.  I downloaded a free app for my iPhone, My fitness Pal (you can download on a variety of smartphones).  The app was highly rates on apple.com and CNET.  It is SUPER easy to use and requires minimum effort to record your daily food intake and exercise.  Almost all the foods that I eat are already in the My Fitness Pal database and those that aren’t I can easily scan the barcode on the packaging.

What I learned?  I was taking in a whole lot more calories than I thought and it had become a habit.  Charting for the last 2 weeks has made me more aware of how much I eat and ultimately made me choose even better food choices.  Calories in and calories burned are what it is all about.

Now—I have not lost any weight yet, but I am going to stick with it.  I have also tried to add extra cardio session in.  I started going to Spin in the evenings.  I have always worked out in the morning.  Hopefully these additional sessions will help jump start my metabolism which is woefully sluggish since I hit the big 40.

Today I got 2 TM miles in before the kids got on the bus and then hit the 4 mile hill route in my neighborhood.  I was lucky to run into W to keep me company just when I was ready to throw in the towel (my legs were spent today–probably due to the additional spin sessions).  She kept me moving.

My fat cells were crying–they know they are done for.


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Spring is around the corner

Come join us this Saturday 8am at Thompson Park (parking lot near playground) for a group run.  Don’t worry about mileage–we can get you back to your car at anytime.

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Harnessing the Wind

I wish I could have harnessed the wind today.  This week they (the weather gurus)were predicting a windy Saturday but I did not worry–I have run in the wind before.  What I did not expect were gusts that reached up to 60 mph in some areas and I can almost guarantee one of those areas was Cross Farms Park in Holmdel, NJ.  Cross Farms links to Thompson and is the location of many of our long runs on the weekends.  I have said it before and I will say it again–It is the perfect place for a wind farm.  It is ALWAYS at least 10-20 mph winds more at this location than any of the nearby areas.

At some points when the gusts were at the highest —high enough where they take your breath away and you question if you are moving at all, I walked.  I walked because I could actually move faster and conserve more energy walking.  I was grateful for Nikki, L, C, and Conor for running with me today and I loved seeing all the Mother Runners from “Run with the Girls”.  We were shooting for 10 miles today but Conor blew out his legs in the first 5 miles–he ran hard through the gusts of wind and when we finally broke free of the wind and got to part of the park that was wind free we picked up the pace.  It was too much.  By the time we reached the rugby loop to get the last 5 miles in we were all moving slower and even the slower pace did not seem to help.  I would have loved to push him through the last 2 miles but I decided to pick my battles–it was not worth it and we can do the 10 next week (there is plenty of time before the 1/2).

I am glad we got out there and definitely feel like we earned our bragging rights.



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I am sitting here drinking my pre run coffee looking at the trees in my yard sway to and fro.  It is WINDY today.  Right now the wind is 20-30 mph and my running partner just text messaged me to tell me the gusts may get up to 45 mph.  At least we are not running at the beach.  We are headed to our usually destination, Thompson Park and although my husband suggested staying away from the trees (which is impossible) I actually picture us running the rugby loop and trails because we will be protected from the wind by the trees.

Wish us luck.

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Colts Neck Run

I forgot how much I love to run routes on the road in Colts Neck.  I saved my run for after the Bosom Buddies Breastfeeding Support Group today–I knew I wanted to get 6 miles in and I did not want to have to rush the run or not be able to shower after.  So I headed out after group and ran a route I have not run in a LONG time.  It was great.  It is 50 degrees today sunny with a cool breeze–perfect for an afternoon run.

I ran past some beautiful farms:

This is one of my favorite farms in Colts Neck--equip with a red barn and silo unfortunately the photo did not come out well

This farm is right along the water--so beautiful

and it comes with a mill

I ran a nice even pace and felt great.  No back pain–woot woot!  When I got back to my car at Town Hall, I was happy to see the geese (there were thousands of geese on all the water ways along my run route).  They should all be like this one:)

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A farm along Phalynx Rd

Met Nikki and her friend J at Thompson this morning.  J is a new runner and ran with us for the first mile; it was so nice she came out to join us.  Then Nikki and I headed out–I was hoping we could run 12 miles.  We have been working up to this mileage and had wanted to run it last week but the weather (snow) had held us back.  Today the weather was perfect-mid 30s with less than 10 mph winds.  I had mapped out a new route, we have been running a lot at Thompson and I thought a new route would help us get “getter done.”  We headed into Brookdale, out onto Phalynx, to Laird then Longbridge and back into Thompson near the graveyard.  I knew it would only give us 8 (counting the one mile we ran with J) but I thought we could re-fuel (water and porta potty) and then run 4 more.  Easy-right?

Beautiful running along the reservoir

Well, it was anything but easy for me.  My back started to KILL me at mile 5.  Not a dull ache–full blown pain.  I must have been holding all my tension in the lower lumbar area.  This is after I bragged this week to an instructor/friend at the YMCA that my back NEVER hurts when I run.  Talk about jinxing myself.  I thought I could muscle through but the pain just traveled.  Sitting here post run it hurts–I could barely walk from my car into Starbucks to get my post run latte (obviously, if coffee was still on my mind it can’t be that bad–I hope).

We got to 12 but to quote a friend “it was not pretty”–in fact that was one of my ugliest runs in a long time.  If it were not for Nikki I would have called it quits earlier and not finished-her chit chat helped me keep going.  I am lucky she was there–that is just one of the many reasons it is always better to run with a friend.

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My Tulips are Confused

Started my morning with 60 minutes of spin–thanks to Abby, the awesome Y instructor.   I knew I was going to run today and I had to keep the run short since I had already clocked in 12 miles this week and I have a 12 mile run planned for Sunday–so I headed out for a quick 5 K.  It is gorgeous out today, 50 degrees and the sun came out in the middle of my run–Vitamin D-score!

It is hard to believe it is February, we have been so lucky with weather this winter here in the NE but my tulips are confused:

Today’s song, Glad you Came, The Wanted:

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