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Legs Like Lead

I ran today–I ran because it was GORGEOUS out.  It has been like Spring here in the NE.  Today was 58 degrees (windy but warm).  I knew I had to run–in fact, instead of running on the TM in the morning before the little ones got on the bus, I waited until after strength training so I could run outside when the day was warming up.

I have run after strength training before and I should just remind myself–It SUCKS!  I have never felt good running after this type of workout–I felt spent and my legs were like lead.  I had high hopes of running for 50-60 minutes, but after 3.5 miles–I called it quits.

The run felt forced and was not enjoyable at all–I could not enjoy the sunshine and the cool breeze—instead each step was like torture.  Oh well…(they can’t all be good ones).


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Ran with the ladies this morning at Thompson.  It was great to see Na-our running schedules have not coordinated lately.  N, Na, C and I headed out for a traditional loop around the park we kept the pace steady and brought C and Na back to the car around 5 miles and change.  N and I grabbed some water and a little snack.  I tried the Tropical Fruit Cliff blocks she bought me–they were delicious and we headed out.  We decided to loop around the park again.

The wind was FIERCE the second time around which was challenging because I had ditched my wind breaker and gloves at the car; I had gotten hot the first time around.  Oh well, we muscled through.

Sitting here drinking my coffee (yes, Starbucks venti soy latte–my post run reward), I feel great—-next week 11 or 12 miles here we come!



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Group run tomorrow morning 8 am at Thompson.  Parking lot near the playground.  Hope to see you there–it should be a perfect day for a run.

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It Feels Like Spring

It is 50 degrees here in the NE and I just got back from an unplanned run.  It was my day off from running today, but who could resist this weather.  It is GORGEOUS out there.  I headed out for a quick 3 miles before the boys get home from school.  I ended up running in capris and a short sleeve top (my lululemon run swiftly–love these tops)–I had to tie my pullover around my waist because it was too hot out there.  I honestly wished I had shorts on.  The sun felt great on my skin and the breeze was refreshing–it was a perfect run.

(3 miles in 28:40)

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Next group run Sunday, Jan. 29th at 8am–meeting at Thompson (parking lot near the playground).  It looks like we should be snow free:)  Nikki and I can’t take another long run on the TM.  Come and join us!

Don’t worry about how far you can go–we will help you get a good run in and get you back to your car when you want.

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Means to an End

Nikki and I had TM runs scheduled today–10 miles.  The longest either of us have ever run on the TM (if I am remembering correctly).  She headed to WOW early to get her run in before the gym got crowded.  I had a slower start–need my coffee and time to check emails (and facebook, of course–I have a slight addiction problem).  Anyway I hopped on the TM at 9:30–I planned on a long slow run.  My knees have been bothering me lately.  I foam rolled last night, took advil (which I almost never do) and iced them, so I was worried how they would hold up.

I put on my compression sleeves and knee bands to help ward off any discomfort:

The boys were in “gamer” mode so my view was limited:

I had my tunes to keep me company—thank you, Tony Fadell and Apple.  The TM is tortuous enough but without an iPod it would be unbearable. I use counting and numbers to help me get through a TM run–for example, 3 miles = about 10 songs–I count down the songs and miles with my fingers.  In the beginning I played around with the pace–2 faster then 2 songs slower, but eventually I just kept it at a nice slow pace.  Since I knew I would have to keep it slow, I planned on running for 2 hours–knowing I would at least get 10 miles in(my mileage goal).  I run a much slower pace on the TM–sometimes a minute or two slower—but that is what a long run is supposed to be–it is what it is.

About 4 miles in I was tired and bored–and then I got a text from Nikki–she was DONE!  I was so jealous, but her text really motivated me.  She mentioned in her text she felt the same way at mile 4–Thank you, Nikki. You got me moving.  “Keep moving” was my mantra.  I have run 2 hours before but it has been over a year since I have run that long.  Our longest run over the last few weeks was about an hour and 50 minutes, plus at the pace I was running no one could accuse me of  overdoing it:)

The last 30 minutes were HARD and I have to thank Nikki again for saving me.  I never refuel when we run outside–it has been cold and the longest we have run is 10 (normally 7-9), so feeling so exhausted, spent, and salty was a surprise.  The boys ran and got me beans that Nikki had gotten me and I quickly ate half the bag (I don’t know how many you are supposed to eat–they were yummy).  I saved the other half of the bag for Conor–he has to run 7 on the TM today.  Here are the magic beans:

Just as it was nearing the end–the last song came on—perfect timing.  I love this song and my endorphins soared!

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I am sorry to say Nikki and I decided to cancel tomorrow’s group run–bummer, I know.  The trails at Thompson will not be plowed and although my neighborhood is great for a group run, I fear it will be too icy tomorrow am to run safely.

Are you up for a virtual challenge?  Nikki and I will be running on treadmills (TM) tomorrow and we are shooting for 10 miles.  This will be the longest either of us has run on a TM and we will not be together, so chatting to pass the time is not a possibility; however, knowing we have the same goal will motivate us.  Can you run on the TM tomorrow?  How far is your goal–commit now:)

This is where the magic happens


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