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Post Irene Run

This is the first run in a long time that felt good–felt like I finally got my mojo back.  Headed out late this evening; I usually run in the am or early afternoon.  The weather was perfect and today was so crazy.  We are still dealing with the aftermath of Irene and although we did not lose power, almost all our neighbors did.  
Today I got a call early just when Con and I were about to get into our Insanity routine, letting us know that we had to clean out our Spring Lake South End Pavilion locker TODAY.  I know that no one is to blame for Irene, but having had a child in a cast all summer and not being able to use the beach, badges, locker until a week ago, only to find out now our summer is cut even shorter HURTS.  Normally we would have beach and locker access until October—now we can still visit the beach but we will have to battle the crowds who are being herded to the North end beach that remains open.  We will have limited parking and have to schlep all of our CRAP back and forth–boogie boards, chairs, surf board–along with beach bag and lunch bag–YUCK–that is why we pay for the locker.
OK–enough of that—I am breaking open the red wine right now.  My run tonight was awesome–5.5 miles and I felt GREAT!!!!!!!

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Saw The Help last night–OSCARWORTHY–this film was great and really captured the characters in the book.  I can’t stop thinking about it.  
It is a rainy morning here in the NE and I am feeling melancholy.  I actually waited for the rain to fall before heading out on my run.  No music–just thoughts today.  
Was glad to be our there, but I should have planned a longer run.  I had 3 on the agenda yesterday, but after Breastfeeding Support Group we headed to Spring Lake, to the beach.  It was Finn’s first trip there all summer.  Our locker and badges were growing dusty.  It was hard with his leg–I ended up having to drop the boys and stuff off–parking was AWFUL (you know I hate going to the beach late–it was one of those days where I wished I did not have to moderate group) and had to carry him up and down the beach, but a good time was had by all.

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5 K warm up

I am really getting into Insanity–I love it.  Yes, I still have to hit pause frequently just to catch my breath–but we (Con and I) can make it through the whole warm up without stopping now:)

Slow 5 K to warm up this morning.  It was cooler with a nice breeze.  I just missed the drizzle and I was actually bummed about it–love running in the rain.  

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Took little one to ortho doc today–Bye Bye Phil and Joe (his crutches)–he can walk on immobilizer and hit the pool.  Of course it will rain all week except for Wednesday when we have to go to Breastfeeding Support Group smack in the middle of the day, which makes it a huge commitment for the whole family.   Oh well–at least the crutches are gone.  Still no ocean swimming allowed due to roughness of surf.  Our locker and badges are collecting dust.

Stopped for a soy latte at Starbucks and they used milk instead of soy, so bummed–could not even drink it.  By the time I got home I was ready for a run–a 2 mile warm up for Insanity was perfect in the drizzle. 

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5 Miles–with stops

I have the best intentions of getting up early and running.  I was up this morning but after making coffee and checking emails the time was gone.  Ended up sneaking 5 in at lunch time–isn’t the perfect time to run at high noon (sarcastically said).
I have been taking breaks when running outside lately–not happy about it, but it is the only way I am getting the runs done.  Tried to work on slowing down but this is going to require some practice.  I have a feeling this is a big reason why my legs are blowing out in the run and I need breaks–if I just keep it at a slower pace I would keep it steady.  

Goal this week—NO WINE.  I have gotten caught up in summer mode and have been enjoying a glass or two at night—if I am going to lose this 10-15 pounds and improve my runs, I have to get rid of it.  Wish me luck.

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Second Run of the Day

My name is Casi L, and I am addicted to P90X and Insanity.  I can’t remember how I learned about P90X–I think through a running blog.  I ordered it over a year ago and my son and I did a full round last summer and we use the workouts for times when we are not running or can’t get out of the house.  I LOVE that he does them with me.  We have been doing Insanity lately and loving it–we finally made it to the point where we can do the warmup without hitting pause (for those of you who don’t know what this workout is like–It is INSANE:)
I ordered Insanity Asylum for his upcoming birthday.  I can’t wait to try it out with him
In true teenage fashion, he has been sleeping late this summer and since we are stuck at home with gimpy (my youngest son broke his leg the first day of summer), I don’t mind the late starts.   However, if it were up to me and we would be up and at the beach before the first Bennie hit the parkway.  I love the beach in the morning when we have the whole place to ourselves.

Usually, I will run in the am before Con wakes up and then we will do a workout together.  This morning I did 2 on the TM (it was very HUMID) as my warmup to Insanity.  Tonight after running errands and getting Con to the camp carpool, I was sitting reading my Runner’s World magazine with a cup of tea–when the urge came over me—I wanted to run again.  So I laced up the sneaks and headed out for a quick 3.  Still humid–but it felt good to get out there and sweat.

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Blown out Legs

I took a Ryde at Hammer House this morning.  I love these bikes–you really do get a CORE workout and it is also good for shoulders and arms.  I wanted to run 4 after–I have run immediately after Spin before, but I had some errands to run and when I got home, I got caught up with work related “stuff”.  

So I did not head out for my run until hours later–but my legs felt “blown” anyway.  So heavy–like lead–but no pain.  I muscled though and got the four done and despite some walking my pace was pretty decent.

For all the triathletes out there–I give you a lot of credit.  I don’t know how you do it.

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