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Racy Runners is a running group for everyone; running towards friendship, commitment, and health.  Come join us–everyone is welcome!
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4th of July Run–on July 3rd:

Sunday, July 3rd
8am Thompson Park
(Parking lot by playground)

5 miles–slow and steady
Bring water
*Please email me at sassylassiegirl(at)gmail.com the am of if you are going to join me.

Summer Running Has Me Aghast!

Running in the heat and humidity is NOT my thing–but I am working on it.

It is hard organizing group runs in the Summer months; everyone’s schedules are very different.  If you are interested in getting together for some runs, please let me know.  I most likely will not send out the weekly emails again until September.  Until then I will send out an occasional scheduled fun run notice–for example, who wants to meet this Sunday at 8 am for a 4th of July fun run?

Want to read about my recent running antics, please visit the Racy Runners site HERE.

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What is new since my last email?

  • The Spring Lake 5 was a HUGE success; Conor and I had a great day–what a fun event
  • Ryan’s Run was AWESOME–so many wonderful local runners–Rumor has it next year is their last run for this event:(
  • I became a certified RRCA running coach (so excited; I know this is only the beginning–I still have a lot to learn)

What is new with you?  Does anyone have an event they are training for–do you want some company on your training run?  Let me know, I would love to be involved.

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Racy Runners
Colts Neck, NJ

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I have had issues with Garmin Connect since day 1–I love my Garmin and I LOVE the way the data displays on Garmin Connect (so much nicer and more user friend than the training center)–but eventually it is going to make my laptop explode.  I have gotten the Blue Screen of Death (BSD) a zillion times.  I know the garmin is causing the error due to the code I receive.

At this point, I am just thankful it does not appear to cause damage to system–but I am sure that little by little the BSD is killing my laptop.  Today I attached the Garmin to the stand and there was the BSD–rebooted the computer as usually and went to reattach the Garmin when this time not only did I get the BSD but a nasty sound emanated from the speakers–NOT GOOD.

I have searched the Garmin boards and Googled and it seems that TONS of people have this problem and Garmin is aware, yet no solution is to be found.  If anyone has any suggestions I would love some help.

Today’s run was just a duplicate of the last two…..oh well.  Did get 5.32 done.

Today’s song, Dropkick Murphy’s, Going Out in Style:

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Headed out for a 7 mile run today–from the first step it felt like a punishment.   It is 83 degrees here today–but it felt hotter to me.  I opted to carry my Nathan water bottle–but it was not enough.  I was fatigued from the get go.  I felt the same way on Sunday’s run–but today was worse.  I barely eeked out the 3.63 miles I did and that was with at least .5 mile walking on and off.  
I really think this is my body’s way of staying–I NEED A BREAK.  I was not well rested or fueled for running or any workout today.  Instead I have been going through the motions–trying to control the tasks in my life since everything else seems out of whack. 

Running is supposed to make me feel better—It is hard but I enjoy it–today’s run only felt like punishment. 

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Tough Run

It was a tough run this am for many reasons–it was hot and humid (that was no big surprise) and I was hoping to get 5 in.  My legs felt heavy from the get go–I have been under a lot of stress this week with Finn (my baby) breaking his leg, hence the lovely sty on my left eye that has been keeping me company.
I headed out planning on keeping it really slow–but there were moments when I checked my watch and I was running too fast–even though my overall pace was was 10:38, right where I wanted it to be, the un-even pace I ran really screwed me up.
Just as I was hitting the “woes me” moment—ruminating on this past week and how my family was affected, I ran into W– a great running friend.  I was so happy to see her.  Turns out she was having a similar type of run–the cathartic kind (not the slow kind; she is my fast running friend).  I have never been brave enough to run with her.  I always thought running with me would only frustrate her–my slow pace and propensity to have to walk/stop to recover (not all runs but some) would likely drive her away.  
Thankfully she feels the same way as I do about company on a run–sometimes it is just what you need.  I hope she did not mind the stop and walk–remember my legs were like lead.  I guess I have to see if she will run with me again.  

This is a first time in FOREVER that I did not finish my run goal–I ended up at my driveway at 4.78 and that was good enough form me today.

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Ryan’s Run

Ryan’s Run 5 K race this am; this is a family oriented run for a great cause.  However, after my alarm went off and I realized I had only gotten 4 hours of sleep last night (it was a rough one–reminiscent of those newborn nights).
Facebook status update this am:

Casi MacFadyen Leahy

‎4 the hours of sleep I got, 3 the number of times Finn got up for the bathroom, 2 the cups of coffee I am drinking–1 the number of races Con and I are running this morning–or should I say finishing since I doubt there is any speed in this old body. Ryan’s Run this morning.
Conor and I headed out to Middletown NJ with the goal of just running for fun. We got there early to pick up our bibs and shirts.  The shirts were GREAT—the best 50% soft thin cotton and 50% polyester—tissue thin.
I had a hard time hearing Andy Kaiser at the start of the race, but I think he mentioned that next year’s race will be the last:(  I did hear him talk about introspection during the trail portion of the run–urging runners to think about why they are there and what motivated them to run.  He says this every year and it always brings a tear to my eye.
The route is hilly–but NOTHING compared to Clover Hill, so I could kick the *** of those hills.  I booked up and cruised down.  When I hit the trail at 1.25 mile–I was home.  Trail running is my thing—LOVE IT.  Although the trail is not wide, there were parts that cut through grassy areas that allowed for passing.  Even with passing–this was my slowest mile.
After the race Con and I reflected on how we run–we are play it safe runners.  We ALWAYS have gas stored away and we never push it to the limit–we are going to work on this.  Our friend Tammie Bennett of Bennett Running and her husband sponsor track workouts; Conor and I plan on atteding their Open Track Workouts and Twilight Miles.  We are going to need to keep active with our summer plans kiboshed by Finn’s broken leg.  
I would love to go to the beach today, but we come from the background that only the Bennies go to the beach on the weekend–the crowds drive us crazy–so home pool bound it is.  
Avg Pace
Summary 00:29:09 3.10 09:24
1 00:09:22 1.00 09:22
2 00:09:41 1.00 09:41
3 00:09:12 1.00 09:12

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After writing my post on Wednesday I got a call from the mother whose house my son Finn (my little guy) was over at for a playdate.  He had fallen and refused to get up–she said he told her to, “Call my mom; I need to go to the hospital.”—He was right.  I got to the house and he was lying in the front yard grass–a Slip and Slide debacle (he never ever got to experience the slide part).  His right tibia (shin) was obviously broken and my first thought was–thank god it did not go through the skin.
I had brought Con along thinking I would need his help to get Finn in the car to the hospital (see–I had a feeling something was really wrong after receiving the phone call–Finn is my tough guy–never cries–will get up after falling with a bloody knee and continue playing without another thought–so when I heard he refused to move–I knew something was wrong).
Well, Con and I could not move him.  Without a splint and a way to stabilize the leg, I was hesitant to force the issue.  So after thinking over the logistics–I called 911–we would need a ride to the hospital.  I was glad I called.  Without the help of the Volunteer Colts Neck First Aid Squad–I would not have made it.  We definitely needed an air cast–a stretcher–and a ride with a siren to get through the crazy traffic on West Front St to get to Riverview.  I choose Riverview because of its close proximity and I knew its Pediatric ER was new and staffed with Nurse Practitioners and Docs (this is not a teaching hospital). 
The staff in the Pediatric ER was top notch and the pediatric surgeon on call was excellent.  Finn was a trooper and ended up with a leg cast–out of commission for 6-8 weeks–our entire summer (so much for our locker pool/beach passes at Spring Lake, trip to FL and Disney waterpark):
Finn has 2 new friends, Philip, aka Phil his right hand man, and Joe:
He has managed to master the art of crutches quickly–he insisted I take his photo at different angles:

Yesterday was hard and it finally hit him that he will be in a cast for almost the entire summer–the pain and sadness was too much to bear as a mom.  Thank goodness for his brothers who have been great–but I wonder when they will realize they are missing out on summer too.  Thankfully we have the pool but staying home the whole summer will likely take its toll on all of us.
Got him showered and downstairs today–yes, I ignored all the instructions given to us.  As an RN  I know how to jerry rig the cast–3 garbage bags secured at 3 increasing lengths on the leg with duct tape keep that baby dry—-a shower can make all the difference.
Thankfully Con and I were able to get in some P90X–I needed the release.  We have a local 5K planned for tomorrow–but we will wait and see how Finn feels and see if he is OK staying home with daddy.

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I took the RRCA Running Coach Certification class in East Hanover, NJ on June 11,12th and last night I took the online exam.  I was so nervous the test was 100 questions and was kind of tricky in the way that there were a few questions that definitely had 2 answers–but you had to pick the best one.  Thankfully the test was open book and could be discussed amongst participants ( a big thank you to J & J for our group discussion).
I completed the test online and hit “Submit and Grade” and held my breathe–PASS!  So happy, I know that this is just a beginning and I still have a lot to learn, but I am so excited.
I celebrated this am with a 4 mile hill run with my friend N.  N and I had not run together in awhile and we had a lot of catching up to do:)

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