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Wow, the fall season is flying by.  I love this time of year; the weather has been perfect for running.
Scheduled Group Runs Week of Oct 26:
Tuesday, October 26th       10:30am            Thompson            3 miles
Friday, October 29th            9 am                   Cross Farms         5-6 TRAIL RUN (around reservoir)
I will try to get at least one more run in during the week and one on the weekend, please let me know if you want to join me and we can coordinate.  I was thinking of going to Manasquan Reservoir on Saturday or Sunday morning.

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Run with my son

Normally our Sundays are packed with soccer and today is no different, but the boys games are scheduled later in the day–so Con and I planned a run this am.  We decided we would sleep until we got up (NO ALARM) have breakfast and then run–3-4 miles. 
It was a perfect day for a run–60s overcast–a typical Fall day.  We ended up doing 3.8 miles and Con was fast–he could have run faster but on 2 of the roads, I made him run behind me.  He broke free of me the last mile–it is so great to see him go–although, part of me is sad because he is outgrowing me.  I remember when he would keep asking me to walk—now, I ask him to slow down–my how the tables have turned.


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Run with 5th grade

Ronan’s class was due for the annual 5th Grade run at the Colts Neck Town Hall Complex yesterday.  Since I had a horrible left groin/hip pain–it hurt to sit—I was worried about running. My original plan was to run 2-3 before his class arrived.  Since no other Racy Runners could come–I decided to just run once around (a warm up) before his class came–and then run with the kids.  They did great–Ro is soooo fast, I cannot wait for him to be interested in running–he has a natural talent.


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It seems like I really need a break these last couple of weeks—usually I am motivated to do training and run—but lately, I am lucky if I can motivate myself to do one activity.  Today I wanted to get a 5 mile run in and I started to talk myself out of this decision soon after I made it.  Headed over to the library; had to post signage that our Bosom Buddies Breastfeeding Support Group was not meeting today due to the fact that the Friends of the Library needed to set up for their annual book sale.  Decided to run from there, but hit the streets–5 times around the Library loop seems tortuous to me.  I need to change of scenery.
I FELT great up until mile 4 and I was thrilled that I was keeping my pace (no walking) and felt strong.  My R knee started to hurt in the last mile–but I pushed through it (it seemed manageable to me).  Post run I am a little sore–but feel GREAT.

Today’s song, Muse, Uprising (click on link–can not embed this video:(—but this song is exactly how I felt when I ran today)

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Missed the Rain!

All set this morning for a nice easy run after strength training at the Y.  Little did I know this am when I put on my running skirt and short sleeve top that it was a rainy dreary day out—too late to change,  so I just had to go with it.

Met L & J for a nice easy run at Thompson–had to stick with the paved paths due to the morning rain.  No rain and kinda dreary–but there were hints the sun was going to poke through.  Great conversation–great run:)–love running with the ladies.

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Scheduled Group Runs Week of October 18th:
Tuesday, October 19th 10:30 am Thompson 2-3
Friday, October 22nd 9:30 am Library Loop 2-3
Could you please text me “the am of” if you are planning on making the runs,thanks.

I will try to sneak at least one more run in during the week (Wednesday) and one on the weekend (longer 4-5 mile runs)—just cannot coordinate time right now—please let me know if you want to try to coordinate these with me.
Don’t forget—LADIES NIGHT OUT November 13th (the night of The Beauty and The Beach Run)—mark your calendars!
Thundercheese in Sea Bright, http://www.thundercheese.net/ —leave your sneakers at home and put on your dancing shoes. The more the merrier!

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Well, I did it–I wanted to run 5 miles at Cross Farms this morning and hit the reservoir trails—but LIFE got in the way and I ended up banging out 5 on the treadmill.  This is a HUGE feat for me—I appreciate having the treadmill but I usually can only manage 2 miles tops before I lose all interest.  Despite lots of windows and TV viewing–running the same speed with the same view is sooooo hard for me.  The kids were watching the movie “Cars” and I used the ipod to help break the monotony–but I did it!

Today’s song, Modest Mouse, Float On

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