I apologize for the lack of posts here at the Racy Runners site.  After running the marathon in Nov, I have been taking a break from all running related stuff.  I still run but I am back to my 15-20 miles weeks as opposed to 40-60 mile weeks I was putting in.  I still love running but we are on a bit of a “separation” for now.   I know I will be back….one day.

Philadelphia Marathon 2012

Philadelphia Marathon 2012


Last week my calf injury prevented me from running and I was looking forward to getting my last long run in this week. I had decided to run today (on a Friday) thinking I would hop on the TM when Finn got off to school and run for at least 4 hours. I know, I know–the TM for 4 hours, but I must admit I have really gotten used to running long on the TM. I had some DVRed shows and there is always Fringe episodes to keep me occupied.

I kept a nice slow pace and took breaks to use the bathroom and refuel. I consumed Power Bar energy packs at miles 8 and 15 and drank TONS of water. I am actually really worried about getting enough water during the race…. there were reports that in the Philly Marathon last year those running a longer than 4 hour 30 minute race found NO cups at the water stations. Can I just hope the race officials plan on this never happening again?

It was really hard getting the last hour in. By the time I got to 24 I was DONE–I know I will be able to get those last 2.2 miles in on race day but I have a feeling it will not be pretty and I am thinking it will probably be harder to finish the race in my predicted 5 hours and 15 minutes. I know–some of you may think that is a pitiful time, but for me my main goal is finishing and 12 min miles may be the only way I can get a strong finish in.

So today was my first run since Wednesday due to calf pain.  I had been resting and wearing compression socks since Wednesday’s run and after 3 days of rest I was finally not walking with a limp.  This morning my calf was pain free.  I was meeting Nikki and J for a run and my training plan called for 18-20 (I had high hopes for even 15) but the reality was I did not know if I would even make 1 mile.  I was afraid that as soon as I started to run my calf would cry out “NO.”

Thankfully I felt great.  There was definitely aching in my left calf but I did my best to maintain good form and let my left heal drop with each stride so I did not kick off too much and too fast using my calf.  I was very grateful to run and glad to know that my injury was healing nicely, but I did not want to push it.  When we got to mile 6 and back to J’s car, I knew that I should not go too far or push too much because not being able to run (or walk without a limp) the last few days was not fun.  So at mile 8 I said good-bye to Nikki and headed back to the car for a total of 10.  I felt bad watching her head off without me; she was working towards 20 today.  I have one more week to get a long run in before my taper and I will do it.

It is funny how our run and chatting pace is always 10:30.

Split Time Distance Avg Pace
Summary 1:44:51.5 10.00 10:29
1 10:45.9 1.00 10:46
2 10:36.2 1.00 10:36
3 10:32.7 1.00 10:33
4 10:36.5 1.00 10:37
5 10:43.9 1.00 10:44
6 10:14.4 1.00 10:14
7 10:45.3 1.00 10:45
8 10:21.7 1.00 10:22
9 10:18.7 1.00 10:19
10 9:56.2 1.00 9:56

Well, I have not run since Wednesday.  My knees feel better but my left calf is still sore and I have been walking with a limp.  I had 15 miles on the agenda yesterday and after taking just a few steps, I knew it was not going to happen.  I could have run but I knew that it was only going to make the injury worse….so I took a rest day.  I have been wearing compression socks continuously (don’t worry, I have more than one pair) and I hope that taking yesterday and today off will be enough.  I am meeting Nikki for a run tomorrow morning and I was hoping to run for 3 hours….not knowing what will happen, how I will feel, and not getting my miles in this week is driving me crazy.

I think what happened to my calf was that I kicked off each step on the left without letting my foot fall completely–making my calf work extra hard over the whole run.  See the first video on this page, http://www.kinetic-revolution.com/forefoot-running-and-calf-pain/  I don’t know why it happened on that run–why now?  Was it a faster pace for a longer period of time?  My typical pace is 9:30 for shorter runs (under 5-8 miles) and 10:30- 11:30 for longer runs, so I think running just a wee bit faster for my long run was what did it.

I am really hoping the 3 days off (I just took spin on Thursday) will be enough.  Keep your fingers crossed.



15 Around Town

I wanted to run 18 today.  Normally I moderate the Bosom Buddies Breastfeeding Support Group on Wednesdays but this week the library was preparing for its annual book sale and the ladies planned an offsite activity (hayride).  So I decided to get a long run in and I thought 18 would be great.  Well……that did not happen.

I eeked out 15 miles and it was tough.  The first 8 were great and I felt good but it went downhill fast after that.  I took an energy gel at mile 8 and 1/2 of a Picky Bar at mile 11 thinking I was just needed nutrition (even though I had forced down toast and peanut butter/jelly an hour before the run–and usually I do not eat before exercising).  I also carried a handheld water bottle with Nuun in it that I refilled at the library at mile 11.  From mile 11-15 I stopped A LOT (my overall time does not reflect the stops).  In hindsight I could have kept a slower pace and finished in the same time it took me to run faster with LOTS of breaks and I felt bad.  I had tons of discomfort in my left calf and knees from mile 10 on.

It was a perfect day for a run though.  Sunny and cool in the high 50’s.  I wore Lulelemon Run Bright at Night Crops and a Run Swiflty long sleeve top and it was a perfect outfit (I know Lululemon is expensive but their stuff fits so well–functional and nice looking).  I hope the weather for the race will be in the 50s.

I ran into this guy at mile 4 on the way to the libray:

I ran past the pond at the library; they are in the process of dredging it:

I ran past the old school house on Montrose:

but I could not wait to run home….I am not happy with this run.  My goal was to run longer and to feel good.  I can’t help but to reflect back on this and recognize that I could have run longer at a slower pace in the same amount of time that it took me to run this with ALL the breaks that I felt were necessary.

Split Time Distance Avg Pace
Summary 2:31:45.8 15.01 10:07
1 10:22.7 1.00 10:23
2 10:16.3 1.00 10:16
3 10:14.7 1.00 10:15
4 10:11.1 1.00 10:11
5 10:16.9 1.00 10:17
6 10:17.7 1.00 10:18
7 10:14.0 1.00 10:14
8 9:52.7 1.00 9:53
9 9:51.8 1.00 9:52
10 9:47.6 1.00 9:48
11 9:49.8 1.00 9:50
12 10:10.7 1.00 10:11
13 10:10.4 1.00 10:10
14 9:59.5 1.00 9:59
15 10:02.3 1.00 10:02
16 :07.5 0.01 10:30

I am still plodding along getting ready for the Philly Marathon on November, 18th.  I have been running 50 miles the last few weeks and this week I made it to 60 miles.  My longest continuous (non run/walk) run was 20 miles last week.  I am soooooo slow but at least I can keep moving.  I plan on doing another 18 mile and 20 miles run before the race.

In the meantime, we have our annual Beauty and the Beach 5 mile run coming up on November, 3rd.  This is a local run and it is always a lot of fun.  Typically there is a nice group of us that run it together and I wanted to plan a couple of runs before the event so we can train together.  I sent out an email to the list of ladies I had who I thought signed up for the event, but I am posting here too just in case I forgot anyone.

Wednesday, October 17 th 10am Colts Neck Library
Sunday, October 21 st 7:30 am Thompson, Parking lot near playground 




5 in the Hood

I planned on doing a quick run before the Bosom Buddies Breastfeeding Support Group today but when I woke up it was steadily raining–bummer.  I don’t mind a little drizzle but it was pretty wet out there.

Thankfully the rain stopped right before I put Finn on the bus so I was able to head out for a quick 5.  The weather was perfect, overcast with the occasional sun spot age-wet and cool–my kind of running weather.

Got 5 in:

Avg Pace
Summary 47:50.7 5.00 9:34
1 9:55.0 1.00 9:55
2 9:38.5 1.00 9:38
3 9:37.1 1.00 9:37
4 9:17.9 1.00 9:18
5 9:19.9 1.00 9:20
6 :02.3 0.00 9:36

Today’s song, Kill Your Heroes, AWOLNATION